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Bamboo Utensil, stainless steel food container, waste free lunch, BPA free, reusable food container Bamboo Utensil

Our reusable bamboo fork/spoon is perfect for your lunch bag, picnics and travel. More functional than a traditional spork because the fork has full-size tongs.

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Reusable To-Go Bamboo Eating Utensil Set

Instead of disposable plastic forks or spoons, pack our kid-safe reusable bamboo spork to use for school or camp lunches. Swap out your one-time-use plastic cutlery for our zero-waste utensil. Buy our bamboo travel utensils to eliminate using plastic utensils forks and spoons at family outings, beach picnics and parties.

Portable Bamboo Travel Spork Cutlery by U-Konserve

  • Replace disposable plastic utensils with our reusable spork
  • Made from responsibly sourced sustainable bamboo
  • Fork prongs are full-sized for healthy-sized bites
  • Spoon side is perfect for yogurt, soup or oatmeal
  • Store this to-go cutlery in your lunch bag or glove box