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glass water bottle, BPA free, waste free, BPA free water bottle, reusable water bottle SALE! Glass & Silicone Bottle - Lime

Our 20oz. lightweight, leak-proof glass bottle has a silicone sleeve for comfortable gripping and cushion from breakage.

Out of stock and discontinued
Price: $15.95
SALE: $9.95
Stainless Steel Bottle Brush, glass water bottle, bpa free water bottle, water bottle brush, waste free living Bottle Brush

The soft tip and durable scrubbing bristles reach hard-to-clean stainless steel bottle interiors.

Out of stock until January
Price: $3.95

Glass Drinking Bottles with Silicone Sleeve

For waste-free hydration, use our reusable glass water bottles without worrying about chemicals common with plastics. Glass beverage bottles never hold onto residue or odors that can make your water or drinks taste funny. Safely refill these glass bottles everyday to take with you to work, school or the gym.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles by U-Konserve

  • Hydrate sustainably with reusable glass water bottles
  • U-Konserve glass bottles are handmade, naturally non-leaching & toxin-free
  • Our glass bottles come with matching silicone sleeves & lids
  • Lids are leak-proof & the bottle is dishwasher safe
  • Available in sky (light blue), lime (green) & slate (charcoal gray)